13. i 14. 10., 17:00, 18:30 i 20:00 @ Park Zrinjevac ( in case it rains see you in Oktogon -well known Zagreb passage) (35′)

First there is the performance, which everyone listens to lying down, beginning with a live capture of the surrounding sounds and the general atmosphere created by the event, the landscape and the time of day or night. Then comes the introduction of sounds and voices inspired by the identity of the place, forming an instant sound composition, and finally, listening to dream stories, which we have collected, reworked, edited and marked with a musical imprint to accompany the listeners on their dreamlike journey.

Every session, like every dream, is different. In parallel to these public sessions, we are compiling a Library of Dream Stories.

To enhance each audio-speaking siesta, we record the dreams told to us by listeners who are willing to play the game. We edit and rework these dreams and incorporate them in the upcoming siestas.


Project: Kristoff K. Roll

Production and administration: Bérangère Mabé

Cie Kristoff K.Roll receives financial support from the La Région Occitanie – France.  In collaboration with French institut in Croatia, TransARTE project and TEATROSKOP programe (

Siestes Olé - Bonne définition - Photo J-F Cros

Siestes Olé – Bonne définition – Photo J-F Cros









KRISTOFF K.ROLL is a sound art duo, born in Paris in 1990. Duo are Carole Rieussec and Jean-Kristoff Camps. The two musicians produce an amazing “multiple-entry sound labyrinth”. Together he/she shifts from the acousmatic to electroacoustic improvisation to sound theatre via radio art, installation, text-composition, and performance. Word, space and object are the main axes of their writing. In the 90s, the duo was among the actors involved in the exploding scene of electroacoustic studio composition on stage. The studio and its processes became instruments in the game of live improvisation, whereas they had previously been hidden from the public. This “shift” gave birth to a great effervescence of sound. He/she have released several acclaimed discs, they also compose for film, dance, theatre, puppet theatre, the circus, street performances and transdisciplinary companies. Carole Rieussec and Jean-Kristoff Camps also develop individual aesthetics that tie in and resonate with those of the duo.

Siesteuses - festival D-CAF16 - CIC-Rooftop - Photo Mostafa Abdel Ati

Siesteuses – festival D-CAF16 – CIC-Rooftop – Photo Mostafa Abdel Ati










Art tells (about) the world, reflects it more or less specifically, it cannot be ignored. Anger and rage are emotions, energies beyond the world. They give extraordinary power to the story. They are in the body of the musician, of the actor, although sometimes this power level is fleeting. Art is probably nothing without anger, without this desire to change, to transform the world. Art draws, at some point, from this energy mass that is rage.