14.10., 21pm, 21:30 and 22pm presentation @ &TD theatre semicircular hall (30′)

After 3 weeks of intensive workshop María Jerez, Eva Badanjak, Matea Bilosnić, Sara Ercegović, Ivan Penović and Martina Zelenika aka MOON open to curious visitors their cabin of delicious wonders. A mysterious space inhabited by heterogeneous objects. An untidy collection of things that propose a cluttered gaze. This promiscuous space where this miscellanea of curiosities coexist, insist in the indifference as its modus operandi. The transition between disarranged actions, eclectic objects, with no apparent hierarchies, creates enigmatic meanings. This project invites the work of different artists to coexist in order to elaborate that promiscuous space while putting their projects together: next to each other, into each other, inside themselves, within other things, around conversations, away from their references, above objects that are foreign to them, under a board game, peeking behind another project, in the dark… Looking for the coexistence of the most insane materials in one single space. A space that will transform as long as conversations, actions, records, references, bodies, voices, objects, events will mingle while happening.

Concept and director: María Jerez
Co-authors and performance: Eva Badanjek, Matea Bilosnić, Nina Kurtela, Ivan Penović, Martina Zelenika aka MOON & Sara Ercegović
Special guest: Cuqui Jerez
Light designer: Marino Frankola
Props: Tanja Cvetko
Graphic design: S-TISAK
Stage manager: Jelena Božić
Producers: Andrea Remetin i Silvija Stipanov
Production: de facto
Coproduction: Student Centre, University of Zagreb – Culture of Change – Ganz new festival within apap – Performing Europe 2020 supported by supported by European Union, Creative Europe.

Supported by Ministry of Culture RH and City Office for Education, Culture and sport.

The cabin of Delicious Wonders Sin título

The cabin of Delicious Wonders Sin título











María Jerez (1978, Madrid) graduated art history and audiovisual communication at University of Madrid. Her work travels in between cinema, choreography, architecture and visual arts. She is interested in the unspeakable. She is a part of apap – Performing Europe 2020.

Maria Jerez, photo by Elena Hidalgo

Maria Jerez, photo by Elena Hidalgo










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