Instant healing dance parties

Nenad Kovačić

13.10., 22-02h @ &TD atrium

Musician by vocation, he loves to play DJ aka music selector, especially at Bukovica and SC’s parties. He mostly reaches out for music from the south, that is the north, depending on how we look at the globe. He holds nothing against the east or the west.


Miro Župa

14.10., 22-02h@ &TD atrium

All n’ bones.. from gamelana till it hurts. Music under the perforated dusty Hrelić ggggg… this is where translator loses her nerves and walks out on the sentence. Župa, have a nice day!


DJ, osobna!

15.10. 22-03 @ &TD atrium

To some known as Diego Santiago de la Palma Junior or El Pajarito, with music for butterflies and their support he makes people around the world dance for decades. He played in every dump joint from Mexico to Karojba.


Live band Karaoke

 16. 10. 22:30-03 @ &TD atrium


Sing karaoke with live band, electric guitars, bass, drums, keyboard and back vocals. Get up on stage and free the rock star in you!

A band that came together by itself after one phone call will perform as live karaoke machine for you. We offer you 100 songs and we practice to become the next wedding band for the same sex marriages.

Call us, sing and shout!