19:30pm premiere i 21:30pm performance / Roberta Milevoj, Zrinka Užbinec, Matija Ferlin & Bojan Gagić (HR): U očima @ French Pavillion

Suggesting that mutually exposed bodies carry within themselves layers of dance material conditioned by history and the traces of all past performances and choreographic solutions, the performers develop dance material using the well-known dance, the dance that will change after the process is complete, and intertwine by individual habitus’ from both performers. In this bared dance material they find mutual aliment, choreographic inspiration and theatrical experience of togetherness (or solitude).

In collaboration with artists Matija Ferlin and Bojan Gagić, Roberta and Zrinka create dance performance which relies on reshaping the meeting point and establishing a dance dialogue.

Choreography: Roberta Milevoj, Zrinka Užbinec, Matija Ferlin

Sound and light designer: Bojan Gagić

Performance: Roberta Milevoj, Zrinka Užbinec

Production: University of Zagreb, Student Centre, Culture of Change, Theatre &TD within apap – Performing Europe supported by European Union, Culture 2007-2013.

Realization of the residency and the performances ( october 2016.) within project SC in residency, supported by Ministry of Culture RH

Roberta Milevoj i Zrinka Užbinec

Roberta Milevoj i Zrinka Užbinec










Roberta Milevoj is a professional dancer, choreographer and pedagogue. She gained dance experience through many workshops, residential programs at home and abroad and developed her authorial and performing signature. She collaborated with many choreographers, directors and dance ensembles. She is an award-winning performer.

Zrinka Užbinec is a dance artist with interest in choreography. Since 2006 she works with BadCo. and collaborates with many dance groups and artists. Outside of BadCo., she is coauthor of eight dance pieces. She teaches and leads workshops on contemporary dance. This year she enrolled in choreography master program at Justus – Liebig – Universität (DE).

Roberta Milevoj i Zrinka Užbinec

Roberta Milevoj i Zrinka Užbinec










Desirable rage exists only in theatre and can bring change and liberation. But that is not life. That other rage, the repressed and expressed which exists in reality can be inspiration for art, but it always remains negative. Roberta Milevoj


If I look at rage as some problematic frame of art work or more specifically – work on theatre play – then that frame becomes an exploded display of author’s way of thinking, approach and decisions brought in the field of representation. Presentation is a public act, and the time we spend as contemporary community we also spend briefly at least, thinking about the same theme – which carries in itself a potential for change. What I am interested in is the politicality of that potential and not its psychologisation.  Zrinka Užbinec