15. 10., 21:30pm @ MM centre

The theatre piece of the director Rabih Mroué is an impressive combination of the personal and political: For Riding on a Cloud he invites his brother Yasser to play the role of a character that resembles him personally. A person, who was injured in the Lebanese civil war and lost his ability to use words. Yasser began to shoot videos, which fuse with his recounted memories on stage to form a subjective picture of the political developments in Lebanon. Riding on a Cloud also describes the fragile construction of biography, which emerges between political reality, memories, facts and fiction. For Mroué this is always the starting point for artistic self-reflection, which he then transposes for the theatre and exhibitions.

Written and directed by Rabih Mroué

assistant director: Sarmad Louis i Yasser Mroué

Performance: Yasser Mroué 

Supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Prins Claus Fonds, Hivos& Stichting DOEN- (The Netherlands) and Goethe institute in Croatia ( www.goethe.de/zagreb).

Riding on a cloud

Riding on a cloud











Rabih Mroué is based in Berlin. As an artist, actor and director, he merges visual art, performance and theatre in his work. With his theatre works he draws attention to the broader political and economic context; blending reality and fiction, he uses found documents, video footage, photographs and objects to compromise the authority of archival evidence.