13., 14. and 16.10., 10am to 16pm and 15.10., 10am to 14pm Adriana Josipović (HR): EXTRAVAGANT FURIES @ &TD theatre

Are you furious? Or just plainly angry and unsatisfied? Are you scared, paralyzed or stunned by your dark side? You always wanted to take a walk on your „other side“, but you never dared? Take a walk and socialize with your demons at our four days workshop Extravagant furies. By using techniques and methods of physical theatre, theatre clown, active imagination and self-development techniques, through individual and collective exercises attendees will research their „darkness“, its imaginary and energetic potential, and articulate it with language of individual etudes.
This workshop is for courageous, for uncompromising, for all who „dare“!

“Powerful you have become, the dark side I sense in you.” Yoda

Adriana Josipović is an author, performer, mentor and assistant to many plays and performances in Croatia and abroad.