13.-16.10., 17 to 20pm, Edo Maajka (HR): Ganz new songs @ &TD theatre, SEK hall

You would like to write songs and rhymes? You want to rage out on the paper? You can’t suppress your ideas anymore or else you will explode? Well, we can help you with the four day workshop at this year’s Ganz festival. The focus of the workshop is divided in two parts:
-creative process or: what is and what is not a good idea, developing of the idea
-writing and recording a song together
+ how to perform a poem and transfer the creative impulse to the audience.
First two days we will try to do Platon’s work (somewhat easier than Sysiphus’!) and turn ideas into chords and texts, and on the last two days we will record the song and deal with her life after the recording.
If we make a hit song, there’s a surprise for all participants of the workshop.

Edo Maajka is a well-known rapper, record producer and songwriter.