11. and 12.10. 18 to 21pm te 14. and 16.10. 17 to 20pm @ SC (SC Gallery and &TD theatre)

In order to produce a work which moves towards integrality non-violently taking into account all the givens, we need to go back to motivation, structure, composition and dramaturgy – elementary concepts which get mixed up, but which we cannot do without. Lead by the theatre director Nataša Rajković, a six-day-long workshop will consist of conversations, presentations and individual consultations. Participants will have a chance to meet with Croatian artists and experts. The focus of the workshop will be on the special needs of participants’ own projects. During the workshop, they will be able to develop their ideas by means of individual consultations and/ or practically test them in the Student Center’s facilities. What we are talking about, preceded by thinking why are we talking about that, why that in particular? You have to deal with this on your own and if you resolve that question, you are on the right way to take your performance where it needs to go.— Nataša Rajković (Kazalište #53/54.)


Nataša Rajković is a theatre director and author. Since 2004, she has been the artistic director of the Culture of Change program within the Student Center of the University of Zagreb. Together with the theatre director Bobo Jelčić, she has worked in theatre since 1993. Their performances were shown all over Europe and won multiple awards.