15. 10., 16 do 19pm @ &TD theatre, big hall

Metal aerobics is an invention from the Shalala workshop where dark energy is juxtaposed with extreme positive energy almost fake. It’s borrowing the form of a fitness class or aerobics, something that most people recognize and this makes it easy for everybody to enter into. Those two extremes juxtaposing constantly using simple steps and breathing out load, the repetition and the extreme simple movements, breathing, ending in a scream makes you experience an extreme liberation for a moment and that feeling lasts throughout the day along with a dash of neck muscle pain.

We will do black yoga screaming exercises, metal aerobics and other wonderful and liberating stuff. We will say hello to our demons and think of different ways to cast them out, inventing unusual healing ritual by doing basic stuff like cleaning our house but in a rhytmical screaming and head banging dance.

We will create our own private invisible almost completely sound proof black yoga screaming chamber but we will scream together out of joy, out of anger, out of frustration, to forget, to get energised, to get relaxed, scream all our problems away, scream for no particular reason at all. This might be a live saying experience…