… for a sound library of the sleeping world …

French artistic duo Kristoff K.Roll (Carole Rieussec i J-Kristoff Camps) within their residency and performances from October 10 to 14, 2016 at Ganz New Festival in Zagreb, invite you to record your memories of dreams, speaking into their microphone. The stories will then be edited, and the sound reworked. Each breath, each respiratory sound will be highlighted.

The dream story is what remains after waking up, or that lasts through the days and nights, forming a parallel life … vestiges of the dream transformed by speech, memory, and the present.

The dream story is all the more valuable when it is full of details, when it encourages others to enter its domain, its own specif construction, its atmosphere. The dream story evokes possible worlds, nightime, the quiet hours, the other world we inhabit as sleepers.

The collected dreams can be listened during the audio-speaking siestas A l’Ombre des Ondes (In The Shadow of the Waves) on October 13th and 14th, 2016 surrounded by a world of sound invented in real time at Zagreb Park Zrinjevac. Also, they will be stored in a sound library of dream stories compiled by the duo Kristoff K.Roll with each encounter.

The duo Kristoff K.Roll are now gathering dreams in your area, contact them and arrange your recording session by writing at e-mail: no later than October 10th 2016.

Residency and performances are realised in partnership with Institut Francais, project TransARTE and program TEATROSKOP (