Ganz New Festival makes one of many festivals of the Zagreb theatre scene. However, it is one of the few that present emerging authors and try to discover new names and trends in performing arts. Ganz grew out of Teatar &TD’s activity, within the concept created by Kultura promjene, as an international platform for presentation of young authors and a space dedicated to exploring contemporary tendencies and unconventional approach towards performing arts. As a festival of developmental theatre, it shows works of authors who are only starting to develop their aesthetics, and unlike those who are already established and of which, usually, the maximum is expected, they have the right to wander and make mistakes, but also, the right to be ingenious. With interdisciplinary workshops, laboratories including established artists, focused conversations, exploratory residencies as equally important parts of its program, Ganz connects local and international artists and organizations, promotes transfer and exchange of knowledge between generations of artists and diverse fields of arts and skills. It is likely that we are the only Croatian, and not only Croatian, theatre festival that is completely free. That way we work on ganz (completely) new theatre audience, but also on promoting theatre as a medium which, as literature, plays an important part in today’s society of predominantly passive consumption of data and images.