13.10., 18  to 20:30pm and 16.10., 11:30am to 14pm, Enesa Mahić: Rage Dance @ SC Gallery

How do you hold anger in your body and how do you release it without harming yourself or the others? Have you ever screamed your rage out and what does it want to say? What happens after the rage leaves the body?
In this class we practice embodiment of anger and rage through dance, voice and body-oriented psychotherapy exercises. Learning to ground, express and integrate the anger without becoming overwhelmed by it. What were the early experiences of our anger and how was it accepted or rejected by our primary caretakers? How was anger expressed in my family? What are the beliefs that shaped my attitude towards anger? In this class we explore our personal history of rage, through dance, movement, ritual theatre and body-oriented psychotherapy exercises.
Classes are open to dancers with any levels of experience. Even though we create a safe lab for exploration, please be aware that the classes will be loud, possibly emotional, with intense movements.

Enesa Mahić trained in body psychotherapy, dance and trauma work, she’s been working with groups and individuals for almost 15 years.